Din indkøbskurv er tom


About Skaertoft Mill

Skaertoft Mill is a small-scale organic mill, situated in the Southern part of Denmark. Skærtoft mill is owned and run by Jørgen Bonde and Hanne Risgaard who have 
been farming organically on a part-time basis since 1991. In 2003, however, 
they realised that this “just wasn’t enough” and they decided to do something 
out of the ordinary, but what….

The answer turned out to be this: organic, freshly ground flour with bran and 
germ preserved and especially suited for bread-making. And this is what they 
have been producing – on a full-time basis – since the first load of flour left 
Skærtoft in June 2004. 

The flour from Skærtoft mølle is special on the Danish market as the product 
aimed at filling an unseen demand – or in other words, Hanne and Jørgen 
created a “blue ocean” within the organic flour business. They produce organic 
flour with high protein content – produced on low yielding grain varieties that
however provide the highest quality. The flour is stone ground to preserve the 
natural content of vitamins, minerals and amino acids that are so important 
to us. Also, oxidation of the flour is kept at a minimum. The mill has no storage 
facilities as the flour is only ground “on order” and leaves the mill a maximum of 
five days after the production date. Thus the flour is truly “fresh” which also
provides the bread with a rich taste. Nothing is added to the flour, nothing removed.

In 2012 Jarkko Laine from Finland published an article about Skærtoft Mill in his online magazine BREAD. You can read the article via this link and we highly recommend that you subscribe to Jarkko's fantastic magazine. You may become "Insanely Interested" just as he is!